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Dr. Lisak’s professional trainings blend motivation, passion and in depth knowledge of the latest scientific research.

Non-stranger Rapists | Read More >

  • The behavior and characteristics of non-stranger rapists
  • Applications of current research for investigation and prosecution of non-stranger rape cases
  • Implications of current research for institutional policies and prevention programs
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The Neurobiology of Trauma | Read More >

  • Current research on the impact of trauma on the brain
  • The neurobiology of trauma and memory
  • The neurobiology of healing from trauma
  • Implications for interviewing and working with trauma victims

Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse | Read More >

  • Issues surrounding male disclosure and non-disclosure
  • Unique challenges faced by male survivors
  • The intersection of sexual abuse and gender socialization
  • Working with male survivors

Trauma, Spirituality and Healing | Read More >

  • How common are spiritual experiences?
  • Examples from videotaped interviews with male survivors
  • Common factors in spiritual experiences
  • The role of spirituality in healing

The Cycle of Violence | Read More >

  • Myths vs. reality: An overview of the research
  • Understanding the mechanisms in the cycle
  • Dr. Lisak’s research on death row inmates

False Reports of Rape | Read More >

  • Understanding the heat behind the controversy
  • A planetary review of the research
  • Dr. Lisak’s study of false reports

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